Seahorse - Nikon D1x

Wolcott Henry has been an early adopter of using digital photography underwater, starting in an era when most professionals believed that only film could deliver quality good enough for publication.

Film has serious limitation for underwater photography, especially the fact that it is impossible to change rolls underwater, limiting the photographer to 36 frames per camera. Seeing the potential for capturing hundreds of frames in a single dive, Wolcott quickly embraced digital technology and started shooting underwater with a Seacam housing for the Nikon D1x in 2002. It wasn't long before he left his film cameras behind, and instead began spending his dive trips downloading and editing thousands of photographs.

Over the years, Wolcott has shot tens of thousands of images using a variety of Nikon digital cameras, and today puts the D700 and D7000 professional bodies to use in his travels around the world. He is an expert in using Photoshop and Lightroom to deliver creative results from digital files.