For more than 15 years, Wolcott Henry has pursued his passion for underwater photography, often traveling to remote locations around the world. Recent trips have included Raja Ampat, Indonesia, The northern Great Barrier Reef, and Cocos Island.

Trained in sports photography, Wolcott uses many of the same techniques today to capture the personalities of the ocean's "celebrities". He also spends considerable time both above and underwater shooting examples of human impacts on the reefs and the marine environment, with the goal of using his images to inspire others to join in the effort to protect the ocean's wildlife and ecosystems.

As a contract photographer for the National Geographic Society (NGS), Wolcott has collaborated with Dr. Sylvia Earle on three marine photography books. He is a co-author with Dr. Earle and lead photographer of a book on the U.S. National Marine Sanctuary system titled Wild Ocean, and he provided the images for two children's books called Hello, Fish and Sea Critters also written by Dr. Earle. The Image Collection at NGS and Getty Images currently represent many of his images.

Wolcott's images have appeared in various magazines including Time, Mother Jones, Nature's Best Magazine, Ocean's Illustrated, Scuba Diving, along with the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. His images are on display in the Sant Ocean Hall located in the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. He also has an exhibit of his work at the World Wildlife Fund headquarters in DC. Many nonprofit organizations have used his images for publications, including many annual reports.

In 2001, Wolcott created a web site called Marine Photobank for high quality images of human impacts on the marine environment with an emphasis on coral reefs. The idea came from years of seeing low quality images used in non profit publications that lacked the ability to inspire conservation.

This web site is the outgrowth of an interest over the years in "conservation photography", an evolving area of nature photography that blends the beauty of nature with harmful human impacts, and what is being done to protect the environment.

When he is above water, Wolcott works as president and chairman of the Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation, which supports marine conservation as its primary area of interest.

He is a past director of the World Wildlife Fund-US, The Ocean Conservancy, and Diver's Alert Network, along with serving on numerous advisory boards focusing on marine issues. Wolcott currently serves as a director of The Ocean Foundation, EarthEcho International, World Wildlife Fund-Philippines, and the International League of Conservation Photographers.

He is also a member of the Explorer's Club in New York City. He lives in Washington, DC and Jupiter Island, FL.

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